FileMail is a command line utility written in Perl that allows you to simply and directly send one or more files as a MIME attachment to a specified address. Includes upload progress (inspired by Wget) and bandwidth throttling.

This is a small program for a specific task: sending files by e-mail. It was originally written so I could e-mail photos to services like Snapfish or Photobox and order digital prints. Photobox offers a Java applet for upload, but Snapfish use Active-X, forcing people who don't run Internet Explorer to use the e-mail method.

FileMail is free software, distributed under the GNU General Public License.


2005-10-16: Initial release 1.0beta1 posted. Please give feedback whether it works well or not, so we can get this little project out of beta.



The following Perl modules are also used that might not already be installed on your system:

The INSTALL file included in the distribution has more details. You should be able to install Perl modules using your system's package manager.


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